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What better way to end our year-long journey together than with the simple, “Darling, I Love You” date?!
It’s absolutely adorable (thanks to New Shop Design), and it’s FUN!

You will create an “I love you” deluge in one of the following ways. Decide which one you will do:


2. Set the date and give the invitation:



3. Write a letter to your love sometime during the month.



4. Use these sayings to write on the balloons you are using.


5. Crank the music using this love-fest playlist from my Spotify.

6. Download, fill in, and cut out the adorable “Darling, I Love You” booklet.  It makes the BEST GIFT!  This is part of what you are doing on the date night – reading it together!

7. Pick a movie to watch after the date.


Go out strong and make the love date your best one yet!

Download the full PDF printable of the date HERE

**You will need to download the gift booklet separately**

Get your free ‘Darling, I Love You’ booklet at KristaGilbert.com


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