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What I have come to appreciate most about your dares is it has shown us it is the little things that matter most and make good memories. I thought because we home school our children that we were already having quality interaction with our kids but this has shown me that there is always room for improvement and the importance of purposeful intentional moments with our kids.  In our day and age when we are over scheduled and overstimulated it is important to have something helping us focus on making little moments that turn into fond memories during this fleeting season of parenthood.


Hi Krista!! I absolutely loved this dare & so did my family. We have 3 kids ages 9, 6 & 5. My husband is on staff at our church & we lead a crazy, busy, fun, wouldn’t change it for the world life. We all had so much fun with each activity. What I loved about this is that it could literally take a minute or you could make it last as long as u wanted. You didn’t have to go out & spend a bunch of $ on supplies either. I have to say our favorite one was the dance party. We spent an entire Saturday evening dancing together and watching the You Tube video on how to dance the Gangam Style 🙂 I’m laughing just thinking of it! We ended the night with Daddy/daughter dances to “Cinderella” by Steven Curtis Chapman and Mom/son dance to “My Wish” by Rascal Flatts. Then we were all in tears by the end of it. The kids were crying saying they never want to get married & leave us!  I assured them I would remind them of this when they were teenagers 😉 We even watched our wedding video which the kids loved!

mom of 3

It has been on my mind to let you know how much my family LOVED the Meaning in a Minutes! My kids would come home from school and ask what the Meaning in a Minute was for that day–they really looked forward to it! We laughed a lot during the dares, and it is amazing how connected we felt to each other in just that short amount of time–pretty amazing actually! One of the greatest things about it is that even on the most hectic of days you have time to stop everything and have a meaningful connection with each other. I hope you are working on more because they were a huge hit!


What priceless moments we made!! Thank you so much for putting the time and effort into doing this. We SO appreciate it. It’s just what this “stick to my schedule” mom needed.

Krista H, Spokane

I loved this! Every single dare was do-able! It was really nice to take that time everyday and put my husband back on the top of my list! Thank you so much!

Alexis Call, Utah

It was really fun, we had a great time. It’s always nice to feel the partnership with your husband/wife. It inspires exactly that. The partnership and togetherness.

Doxia, Cyprus