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I love teachers for so many reasons! They are a whole hearted bunch, to be sure. What they put into the everyday inspires me greatly. The most recent dare I presented on the website was “The Teacher Dare.” It is designed for teachers to do with their students.

So, we’re going along all fine and dandy, and then it happens. Teachers, in their typical creative fashion, begin to set the dare on fire! They take the basic concept of the dare and make it better. Here are a few examples from teachers, and even a school district:

“At Cardinal Community Schools, in Eldon, IA, we’re all about building relationships. Your dares do that and more. The dares inspired the middle school teachers to take it a little further. We’ve gone into “survival mode” as we are in the last half of the 4th quarter. We’re looking for anything that will keep the kids interested, excited to be at school, and finish strong.

We’ve taken your hallway praise a little further and have decided to do one wacky thing a week until summer stops us. One week we gave everyone stickers before school. The next week we stamped everyone. This is all done in the time before school when students get here and the 1st period tardy bell. This week we will be tattoing their fingers with mustaches! In the coming weeks we will give out glow-in-the-dark bracelets, suckers, and leis. The last day of school is a half-day, and we’re doing a wacky hair day! Through the “Positive Shift” emails we send out to all the teachers each week, we now have the elementary involved, and a few of the high school teachers as well. Thank you for the inspiration!”

How awesome is this? Mustaches for middle schoolers? What could be better? Can’t you just see their smiles now? LOVE THIS.

Mrs. Sampson, of Idaho, decided to have all of the

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parents at lunch for a class picnic with their parents.


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