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Out of all the children in the world, YOU get to be the parent to yours.  Out of all the parents in the world, your children get YOU.

Stay with me.

You were chosen.  And equipped.  It was not an accident.

I know it’s hard.  Most things worth doing are. 

There will always be tension because people are complicated,

And human beings are prone to conflict.  This is never truer than in our homes.  We live together day after day and know one another inside and out.

Parent, you may be scared – that you can’t overcome an obstacle set before you. 

You may be discouraged – family and home just doesn’t look like you thought it would.

You may be overwhelmed – there just isn’t enough time in a day.

Or maybe you are just tired.

I know these feelings are real. I’ve experienced every single one of them at various points in my parenting journey.

So how do we acknowledge where we are at and at the same time drive forward so that things don’t stay the same?

I was pondering that very question when I saw this note written on a whiteboard to a coaching staff of a football team:


And it hit me.  This is our strategy too.  We are the coaches of our families.  We are coaching every day through all sorts of situations, attitudes, and circumstances.  And winning coaches don’t let discouragement or fear affect their game plan.   In fact, that is what sets the best coaches apart.  They dig deeper when the struggle is fierce and make every, single play count.  

When I taught high school, I also coached girls soccer.  During one particularly difficult game,  I gave a passionate pep talk about teams with character and about their personal responsibility toward each other, at half time.  Before they took the field, one of the team captains lagged behind and grabbed my arm.  With tears in her eyes she said, “Coach, we’ve never had someone believe in us like you do.  I want you to know it makes us believe in ourselves.”

Her words have come to mean even more to me now that I’m a parent.  If it matters how much a coach believes in a team, imagine the impact when a parent believes in a child, no matter how old.

So, let’s coach our families well today.  I didn’t say perfectly.  And we’re not looking for a certain outcome.  The girls game I coached that day?  They lost.  But they knew I believed in them, win or lose, and that mattered.  It matters to your families too.

Day #1 Dare {of the 31 day series}:  

Show your family you are proud they belong to you,

and that you believe in them.

Here is a practical way to do this verbally.

I’m thankful you are in our family because ______________

You impact our family and the world by ___________

You make me (or our family) better by showing me (us) ___________________

Here is what I see when you ______________.  You _____________ (list positive outcomes)

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