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Reclaiming Home – A 31 Day Dare

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Do you ever feel like insanity is driving your family bus?

 I do.  

We live in a time when soccer games are mandatory and family dinners are optional.  Updates on social media are more important than face to face interactions.  Kids are over scheduled and overtired.  Parents run ragged from the many responsibilities of work, carpooling, lessons, and keeping up a life and home.

While most of the activities we engage in are healthy, fun, and necessary,  families often feel uprooted by life’s demands and disconnected from one another.

This 31 day dare is designed to help you push those roots deeply into the rich soil of love, acceptance, communication, play, and presence.  These will be our anchors. Whether you are a family with toddlers or teens, you will find help and hope.

Each day will give you something very specific to think about and then act upon with the intention of deepening your family roots to make your tree strong.

Join Me