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When we get older, we sometimes lose the ability to twinkle.   What does that mean, you ask? Simply that we become too serious. The other day I sat in my bedroom staring at my daughter.  We were both stubbornly holding onto our viewpoints, like two elk with locked antlers, going head to head.  Erik, my husband, came into the room and surveyed what was happening.  In a light-hearted approach, he teased about our unwillingness to budge, and then got close enough to tickle us. The mood of the room changed from somber to hopeful in an instant.

Sure, there are times to be serious, no question.  But sometimes we simply need to LIGHTEN UP – to stop taking life so seriously and start having some fun.

Relationships thrive in the atmosphere of joy, and problems can be better solved when people are in a more positive frame of mind anyway!


Day #4 Dare:

Lighten up with your family today!  Practice getting your twinkle back!


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