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Have you ever been to one of those water parks where there is a giant bucket filling with water at the top of a large structure?  People stand underneath and wait until it suddenly gets to a tipping point and spills the entire tidal wave onto their heads.

Marriage is a lot like that bucket.  

Every day we fill our marital buckets with either life building deposits, or with polluted water.  Here is the truth that we sometimes don’t want to admit:  we get to chose what goes in.
What does life giving water in a marriage look like?
Thinking the best about the other.
Saying words that build the other person up and makes him/her stronger.
Practicing respect.
Being joyful.
Spending time together.
Making the other a priority.
Physical intimacy.
Shared interests.
Choosing peace.
Deciding to love {esp. when you don’t feel like it}
What’s the recipe for polluted water?
Thinking the worst about the other.
Saying words that tear down and discourage.
Blatant disrespect.
Living a life independent of the other.
Extending very little or no physical contact.
Easily angered.
Offended often.
Communicating contempt.
Uninterested and unresponsive.

What happens when the bucket is full? It overflows.  
And the water that has been filling your bucket, drop by drop, comes cascading down onto you and everyone around you in a tsunami-like tidal wave.
For better or for worse, everyone stands, covered in the overflow that you have created.  Is the water one of pure refreshment? or is it muddied?

Now, don’t get me wrong.  I KNOW that some of you are in nearly impossible situations in your marriages, and I don’t pretend to gloss over that or have  quick and easy answers.  Life can be complicated and painful.  We went through a dry season in our marriage some years back, and reviving it took patience and time.

But consider this truth:  every drop counts.  

Feeling hopeless in your marriage?  Focus on depositing just one drop of life giving water.  It has probably taken years to get to where you are – bad habits spilling over and creating negative, destructive patterns.  It won’t miraculously heal overnight.  Yet, as the life-giving drops of water multiply, over and over again, soon the entire bucket is full and the lifeless marriage has been recreated.  Something new has emerged.

Never underestimate the power of the small.  

It is, in fact, the small actions repeated consistently over time that create change.  
The next time you are at a water park, stand under the bucket.  Let the water rush over your head, and remember, that tsunami is made of  thousands of tiny drops.  Insignificant alone, but together create power.
How is your bucket being filled today? How are you filling your spouse’s bucket?
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