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Family Dare

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To kids, T-I-M-E spells love. Yet, there isn’t enough of it in a day. I know this well, as I am a parent of 4 very involved children who keep our family on the run. There are many times where my head hits the pillow and I think, “Did I do enough today to communicate to my family that they are important and so very, very loved? or did I just run around from task to task today not really seeing and connecting with anyone?” This dare is an answer to that dilemma. We are going to STOP and spend at least one minute each day during the next 14 completely engaged with our families. Memories will be built, smiles will fill the house, and hearts will be tied just a little more than before. Our children are our legacy. What are we doing TODAY to invest in that legacy? We spend hours of our discretionary time exercising our bodies, scanning Facebook, ordering our coffees just right, shopping for the right outfit, and “pinning” the cutest ideas we’ve ever seen. Let’s make sure that in the midst of all of this, we do first things first. Invest in the ones who will stand on your shoulders and pass the baton to the future. Today we have the chance to affect our children’s children by parenting intentionally. We lay brick upon brick, and these set the foundation on which many generations will stand. Meaning in a Minute is one of those bricks. Slap on the mortar and lay it down.


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