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Tear brimmed eyes stared directly into mine as we sat on the sofa, hands clasped.  Both speechless, no words filled the space.  Only understanding.  Pain that hemorrhages into the soul cannot be bandaged or named.  It simply is.  Raw. Vulnerable. And silent.

One of the greatest gifts we can offer one another, both in times of crisis and in seasons of joy, is our presence.  We enter into the full human experience with others when we sit with them in the reality and emotions of their lives.  

To care means we have the courage to show up.  Even when we don’t know what to say or what to do.


In families, this may mean that you offer a listening ear about your spouse’s problems at work.  Or that you quietly comfort your daughter while she works through the pain of middle school relationships. Or maybe it means you stand on the sideline of a game cheering for the 3rd time in a week. If you have toddlers, it may require sitting on the floor while you watch them set up an intricate scene for their stuffed animals, or patiently wait while your son finds the courage to join a group on the playground.

Sometimes relationships go through seasons where there is continual tension.  The teenage years can be notorious for this.  Even if words are few, we can sit in the same room while he is doing homework, watching a game, or offer our presence when she sits down for breakfast.

Presence communicates a very important, foundational message:  you are not alone in this world.  And that is powerful.

Day #3 Dare {of the 31 day series}:

Offer your presence to someone in your family today.  

Do not feel pressure to say anything, just be all there.  






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