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In our younger years, my brother and I used to wrestle over those adventure books that let the reader pick their own ending.  We LOVED them.  If you’ve never read them, let me explain how they work.

The author tells the beginning of a very intriguing story. Then, right at a critical point in the plot, stops the reader and give choices.  You get to choose what the characters do and how their adventure plays out.

Will you allow me to make a parallel here beyond the date this month?  By taking the time to plan these dates, you are, also, choosing your own story line in your relationship.  Your efforts matter and they are leading you toward unity and health as a couple.  We all know that neglect pays a price, and when we choose that, our relational stories may have different endings.

So… well done!  Continue writing  your own love story!

This month’s date is a story waiting to be written!  What will your loved one choose?  You create the choices, he/she determines the adventure.


1. As always, begin by setting a firm date that will not be moved off the calendar!


2. Choose your level of adventure.  Will it be a date at home, a night on the town, or an activity-based day?






3. Print and cut out your conversation starters.



4. Write a note sometime during the month.


5. Print this paper to fill out on your date.  Reflect on how you will incorporate more adventure into your lives as a couple this year!

Date12_Adv_186. Watch a movie at the end of your date to inspire your adventurous side!



Get a little crazy…. Have a little FUN!

Download the PDF of your date HERE.

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