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We become passionate when we talk about our favorites.  Whether it is a TV show, a restaurant, a sport, a place, or a pair of shoes, we light up when we discuss what we love.

The other day a friend squeezed me in a big hug and declared, “You’re a favorite!” I was so touched.  To say a thing is a favorite is one matter, to say a person is a favorite is entirely different altogether.  Think about how special the love of your life would feel to be called your very favorite.

So that is just what we are going to do in this month’s date!  Tell your partner that he/she is your fav, and then shower even more attention by noticing and celebrating his/her favorite things.

Plan a “You’re my Favorite” date for you and your honey.

1. Ink it.  Really. Write down when you are going and give the invite.


2. Pick the bronze, silver, or gold option.


3. Hide a note somewhere to be discovered.


4. Print out the conversation starters for your dateMiM_YoureMyFav_Date8_questi

5. Put the printable in a frame and display.


6. Pick a classic movie favorite to watch after your night on the town.




MiM_YoureMyFav_Date8_movies7. The important part of this date is making your loved one feel as if he/she is your very favorite.  Focus your attention on ways to do that!

Download the full PDF of the date HERE.   

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  • Hannah November 3, 2014, 4:48 pm

    This is such a unique date idea. Hubby will surely love this date. Thank you Krista!

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