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Today I cried in the closet for my teen. For all of our teens. As I looked at my clothes through blurred tears, I cried out, “Lord, why won’t it stop? It just won’t stop!” I needed to get ready to go out, but I couldn’t concentrate on anything except the pit in my stomach. This time a relatively new website that allows people to post messages anonymously was the stealer of my daughter’s dignity.

Just when I struggle to the top of one avalanche, another comes fast and furious, burying me by surprise. This time, I wasn’t coming up for air. All I could ask was “Why?”

Why are there all of these websites and apps that threaten our teens’ minds and hearts?

Why is there so much bullying – both online and at school that teens are committing suicide?

Why do people enter schools and open fire?

Why are drugs, alcohol, and sex the norm?

I don’t want this world and what it has to offer our kids. In fact, I told my husband, “I quit.”

But we both knew that 5 minutes later I would have to get up, wipe my tears, and go bravely face the universe.

But I can’t be the only mom in the world who feels this way, am I? Is anyone else out there weary from the 10-round fight?

I don’t have answers. In fact, right now I have more questions. Parenting teens in the world we live feels risky at best, and somewhat terrifying at worst.

Yet, this is what I do know: I’M NOT GIVING UP. This mama may be knocked down at times, but she’s not leaving the ring. Love is the offense. It is the only way to truly win the fight.

It never fails.

And that is why I do these dares. Not because I have mastered this way of

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living. No, I do them because I need them. I need love to so permeate my relationships that it outshines anything else that may cast a dark shadow.

The actions may be small, but brick upon brick, we build a foundation of love.

And it is on that foundation we will build generations.

Love Wins.

Who’s with me? {{The Teen Dare begins TODAY}}


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