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Mom Dare

  Moms – You are the difference-makers. Change agents. Heroes. What you do every day – the hugging, working, teaching, organizing, praying, carpooling, cleaning, playing, laughing, crying, serving, and giving – it changes the world by deeply impacting those right at your kitchen table. We see you. We like you. We know you – because […] Read More

Protected: Cell Phone Drop Basket

Mim_DropSign_B Mim_DropSign_G […] Read More

Protected: Teen Cell Phone Contracts

There are two printables to choose from: a device agreement (such as an iPad or iPod touch) & a cell phone agreement Device Contracts: Mim_TeenDeviceAgrmnt_ BMim_TeenDeviceAgrmnt_G Cell Phone Contracts Mim_CellContract_G-2 Mim_CellContract_G-3 […] Read More

Protected: Creating a Healthy Media Home Environment

Mim_HealthyMediaHome_G-3   Mim_HealthyMediaHome_B-2 […] Read More

Protected: Media Education for Parents

Mim_MediaEdu_B-2 Mim_MediaEdu_G […] Read More


Media 101 Dare

Are you overwhelmed by the digital age your kids are growing up in?  How do you stay educated? How do you keep your kids safe? How do you use technology in positive ways? If you've ever asked these questions, this dare is for you!  For 7 days we will explore these questions and more. JOIN […] Read More

Teenage girl with mobile phone

The Media 101 Dare

Many of us hold a small device in our hands 365 days a year, 12+ hours a day.  If you are a teenager, it may be more than that.  We spend more time with our smart phones than any one person on the planet.   Amazing. I never would have dreamed of such a thing […] Read More

The Final Date! **I Love You, Darling**

What better way to end our year-long journey together than with the simple, "Darling, I Love You" date?! It's absolutely adorable (thanks to New Shop Design), and it's FUN! You will create an "I love you" deluge in one of the following ways. Decide which one you will do: 2. Set the date and give […] Read More

Date #12: Choose Your Adventure

In our younger years, my brother and I used to wrestle over those adventure books that let the reader pick their own ending.  We LOVED them.  If you've never read them, let me explain how they work. The author tells the beginning of a very intriguing story. Then, right at a critical point in the plot, […] Read More

The Advent Dare

Have you ever started December with the greatest of Advent intentions but then half way through the month realized you have not followed through hardly at all?  I've been there.  I've felt like an Advent failure.  This dare is a solution for all of us who want to do something for Advent, but who don't have […] Read More