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No question. Relationships are hard. They require perseverance…grace…forgiveness…mercy…and love, which covers over and over and over. Our primary relationships are the hardest because in those confines we are most ourselves, the most real, and the most flawed.

But it is also within those same boundaries that we can have the greatest impact – the deepest love. A love that, like the old growth cedars, outlives us. Through the wind and drought, roots bury themselves, searching for life-giving soil. It is there that the tree stabilizes and braces itself to hold generations of limbs that tower effortlessly. This happens over time, no one seeing the slow, painstaking, persevering effort of the roots.


This, friends, is why I do my dares. Because I never want to give up on what matters most. Legacy. Created one inching action at a time.

This is the message to which I’ve been called. It is my voice to the world, joining together with all of yours.


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of the 12 Dates in 12 Months Dare, I thought the most symbolic gift would be a fruit bearing tree. May it serve as a reminder that the effort you put in will bear fruit for generations to come!



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