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1. Get up early to do something more special than usual. Make muffins, start the car, bring a cup of coffee in with a kiss and a smile. Little things really do mean the most!

2. Splice together a video of you in various location saying how much you love your honey. ie. when pumping gas, at the beauty salon, in the grocery store, etc. There are many apps that allow you to do this. I like the iMovie app. OR read a love poem and send it.

3. Tell

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why (s)he is your very favorite and leave the note somewhere unexpected. Download the printable here.

You're my favorite

4. Change their screen saver to say “I Love You,” or take a picture of yourself blowing a kiss and save it as the wallpaper. You could also write it on their mirror in expo marker, or write it on their car windows.

5. Plan a surprise love attack… when it is least expected. ie. when he goes into the pantry, shut the door and kiss next to the Tortilla Chips.

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