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I love the Irish.  They have a reputation for living passionately and with flavor.  Maybe that’s why we all celebrate St. Patrick’s Day even when we aren’t Irish.  We are drawn to how they create life and fun around them.

We can do the same.  Routine can cause stagnation and boredom.  Let’s shake things up and create some fun this week!  When we couple that with meaningful activities, our lives feel abundantly full.

Here are 3 Ways:

1. Go out of your way to do something special for someone this week.

For me, I’m planning a St. Patrick’s Day dinner for my family with Crock Pot Reuben Sliders aside green milk and Chewy Lucky Charms Rice Krispie Treats.    At each place I’m putting an Irish Blessing that I printed on card stock. We may even catch a leprechaun or two with our leprechaun trap!


Other ideas include: taking a teacher lunch, delivering lattes to the pastors of your church, making cookies for the neighbor, folding your friend’s laundry for her, etc.

Write what you are going to do and put it on the calendar. 

2.  Take Daily Time for Prayer or Reflection.  

Our engines run much better when they are tuned up.  The same is true in our spirits.  Creating room in our day for quiet prayer, meditation, or reflection keeps a sense of calm, balance, and well being.  Whether it is through devotionals, prayer or gratitude journals, or reading scripture, taking that time pays dividends all throughout our day.

For Lent this year we are doing a Lent Prayer Station.  Each person in our family sits at the station sometime throughout the day, lights a candle, reads a scripture, and says a prayer.  It takes only a few minutes to do.


When can you create time in your day for quiet?

3. Get outside and dance, play, and run.

Nature fuels us.  And when we share that experience with others, our spirits come to life.  Take some music outside with you and turn it up.  Some of my favorites outdoor games are: capture the flag, thunder, 3 vs.3 basketball, kickball, soccer.  If you don’t have enough people for a team, go on a bike ride or hiking.  Even a walk around the neighborhood is fun.

Look at your week and see when you can get outside with others.



What about you?  

What are your ideas for bringing fun and meaning to your week?



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