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12 Dates in 12 Months

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Have you ever felt “off” in your marriage or relationship? Like someone is playing your love song, but in a minor key? Disconnection sneaks up on us, and by the time we discover it, we are steeped in the mud of discord. Regular maintenance prevents this from happening. More and more studies show that date nights are not only beneficial to a healthy relationship, but essential to staying connected. We don’t realize the impact dates are making on our marriage until we don’t do them. Then it becomes painfully apparent.

I am personally tackling this as a year long journey with my husband. With 4 busy kids, it is hard to find a night that we’re not too exhausted to go out! But we are committed. It’s happening.


I will send you 1 date per month. It will include:

1. A date idea

2. Fun questions to ask on the date

3. An invitation {to give to your honey} for that month’s date

4. A love note for your spouse {to give sometime during the month}

5. A list of favorite love songs {for inspiration or dancing}

6. A movie idea.

7. A surprise! {each month this will vary}


FYI – This does NOT fall under my typical 1 minute dare category!

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